My name is Diamond L. Ward and I am from Prince George’s County, Maryland. I am a current junior at Towson University majoring in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Journalism and New Media, and a minor in Applied Adult Disabilities Studies. Something interesting about myself that will help you to remember me is that I try to be the best Diamond I can, so I am always found working hard, helping people out when I can, and I have a personality that makes me shine brighter than my name. When I am not studying or in class I can be found hanging out with friends, painting nails, out taking pictures, crocheting, listening to music, watching TV, designing/ painting projects and to just trying to have as much fun as possible. My dream career is to work for the National Geographic or being a disabilities advocate.  Some volunteer work that I have done in the past is work in the Assistant State’s Attorney Office in Prince George’s County, a junior camp counselor at a summer camp, and various service projects with various organizations, such as feeding the homeless and showing young people around the Towson University Campus. Some special achievements I have earned over the last few years are I was inducted into my high school’s National Honor Society, so I graduated with honors, I became a Building Representative for my residence hall my freshman year of college and won Building Representative of the 2015-2016 academic year for Towson’s University Residence Government, I was President of my residence hall doing my sophomore year and I was President forTowson University’s University Residence Government, which is like Student Government Association, but for students who live on campus for the Fall 2017 academic semester, so I represented the students who live on campus at the highest national student level. Also during my sophomore year I was inducted into the National Residence Hall Honorary, which is for the top 1% of student leaders who live on campus. Now I am a Community Center Assistant, front desk assistant, in Tubman House at Towson.

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